Welcome to Eugene Tai Chi.

We are looking to post information on anything relevant to Tai Chi practice in Eugene, Or. If you have any events or want to contribute articles relating to practice or connection as in sensing hands, contact me (one of the gatekeepers) at boyspear@yahoo.com.

Join Tai Chi club.  Anyone interested in looking at Tai Chi from the perspective of connecting with another person through the practice of sensing hands is welcome.  Although it is preferred that you have some experience with a Tai Chi form, you (if you are a complete beginner) may convince me as gatekeeper of the club, to instruct you in a beginning form and principles by a 5 dollar donation. Otherwise, we only ask for a free sharing of your practice.


Erica Anderson of the Natural Arts Center will be teaching the Ba Pan Jia Zi (1-8 Preparatory Push Hands Drills) the last Monday of the month starting Sept 29th 2014 at the Emerald Accupuncture Center 655 East 11th, Ste 9. Cost is donation.

Contact for info – boyspear@yahoo.com


Eugene Tai Chi Club …a venture for exploring sensing hands.